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Welcome to the ABWorld community! Here, you can find a wide range of software, videos and more! All of which are available for free.

Go ahead, explore! Maybe you'll find something useful!

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What's in the name?

ABWorld is called "ABWorld" because it is the world of all "AB" things. Any products you see which have "AB" at the start will probably be part of the "AB" world.

However, always make sure you check this site to make sure it is a part of the ABWorld.

"AB" stands for "Alex Burrows" - who is the lead of this project, and the creator of this site and this very text...

It's very easy to tell what something is based on its name - for example, ABMedia, you know it's a part of the ABWorld because of the "AB". But you can also tell that it's some kind of media thing.

NOTE: ABMedia is the YouTube channel for ABWorld.

This Website

I hope you are enjoying your stay here at this site - I've (Alex Burrows) pulled out all my CSS (and JavaScript) tricks (not many) to make this site look as good as I can!

So, what's the point of this site? I made this site so that there was one simple place to get all "AB" things easily. Rather then searching through the Discord or looking through GitHub repos.

I also wanted to make sure that you could get all the documentation right here on the site - without having to search through endless things, and, of course, I want ABWorld to have a good image.

If you come across any mistakes made on this site, go ahead and tell the staff on the Discord server!

Technical Note: This site is actually open-source! Check out the link to the source code at GitHub!

The Layout

Before you go further, it will be useful to understand a bit about the layout of the site - first of all, the site is split in two!

The ABWorld side focuses on online things, like online converters, the YouTube channel, Online Documentation etc.

Whereas, the ABSoftware side focused on downloads and things for your PC - such as ABPaint - a paint program unlike all the others in a very unique and powerful way!

To switch to the ABSoftware side, simply click the ABSoftware option on the right-most of the navbar!

The Products



In charge of the whole project, manages everything and is the lead programmer for everything.


The lead artist for the project - 98% of all artwork will be done by him.


Tests the software on linux - allowing us to ensure that the software works across all systems.


Tests the software on windows. Always makes sure that the software is user-frendly and there are no bugs before releasing.

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